New York Sports Betting Promo Codes: Best Betting Bonuses

By Brian Dermody

Now that legal sports betting is underway in New York, it's time for you to figure out which online sportsbooks are going to get your action thanks to a generous sign-up promo code bonus.

New York Sportsbook Promo Codes

Whether you're laying down casual moneyline wagers on Monday Night Football or trying to hit a eight-leg parlay during March Madness, betting apps are vying for your action. You'll see NY sports betting sites offering promo codes for a welcome bonus, a deposit bonus, a risk-free bet & more. We're going to break down some of the New York sportsbook promo codes available, so you can decide which is best for you.

Best Apps to Use NY Betting Promo Codes

Must Lucrative New York Online Sportsbook Promo Codes

Caesars Promo Codes

Perhaps you've seen the ads, and if you can't believe J.B. Smoove in a toga, what is there left to believe in? It's true that Caesars Rewards may be the most robust loyalty package we've seen. But with a Caesars Sportsbook promo code "NYBETSCZR", they claim that "Caesars Will Match Your 1st Bet" up to $1,500, which we have to admit is about $500 better than a lot of the other NY sports betting sites. The offer is available if you deposit a minimum of $50. For more info, check out our expert Caesars New York Sportsbook Review today.

BetMGM Promo Codes

BetMGM New York is currently running a bonus for new users in several markets that promises a $1,000 Risk-Free bet for first-time players who enter promo code "NYBETS" at signup. They're also featuring parlay insurance promotions around football and basketball, returning your stake in bet credits if you only miss one leg. Check out our BetMGM New York Sportsbook Review for an in-depth look.

DraftKings Promo Codes

DraftKings New York is making a big play for a piece of the action, and its signup bonus reflects their aggressive push into the area. New users can expect a very low risk, big payoff wager from jump street, as well as a high-limit deposit bonus. A common example of this new sports bettors' offer is as follows: Place a $1 moneyline bet and if either team scores, get $100 worth of free bets. What's more, DraftKings New York has been matching 20% of new bettors' first deposits, up to $1,000 on a $5,000 deposit. We scoured the whole operation for our DraftKings New York Sportsbook Review, which you'll definitely want to see, as there's a lot to take in.

BetRivers Promo Codes

BetRivers was voted iGaming Operator of the Year for North America at the Gaming Intelligence Awards 2021. Owner Rush Street Interactive is a 100% American company based in Chicago. BetRivers tries to do things a little bit differently and a little bit better. It is the only NY online sportsbook that offers a 100% deposit match welcome bonus. There's a cap of $250 but that's a hard number. Few New York sports bettors will not be able to earn the full bonus. No bonus code or promo code is required. For more info, check out our expert BetRivers New York Sportsbook Review today.

FanDuel Promo Codes

FanDuel New York is leading the charge in New York with their popular mobile betting app and competitive bonus code offer. Currently, new users to the FanDuel NY app and site using this New York betting promo code qualify for a $1,000 risk-free bet. FanDuel also regularly sports such features as risk-free same game parlays, referral bonuses and parlay insurance for bet credits if a single leg misses. For more info, check out our expert FanDuel New York Sportsbook Review today.

PointsBet Promo Codes

As PointsBet comes to the state, they're looking to make a big splash with a new user bonus code for New York bettors. Throughout pro football season, players who take advantage of the PointsBet NY Sportsbook promo code are eligible for up $2,000 worth of risk-free bets - a $500 fixed odds wager and a $1,500 PointBetting wager, a new style of betting available only at PointsBet. For more info, check out our expert PointsBet New York today.

WynnBet Promo Codes

WynnBET is on its way to New York with a suite of bonus offers for new players. First off, the WynnBET Sportsbook promo code is good for a risk-free bet up to $1,000. WynnBET has also run welcome offers for new players that run the gamut from a wager match on stake as high as $750, and a "Bet $1, Win $100" offer on a common sports outcome. For more, read our expert WynnBet New York Review before they launch.

Bally Bet Promo Codes

Bally Bet is a relatively new operator in New York and is bringing an enticing signup bonus to the Empire State. New players can claim a free $100 bet, plus a risk-free first bet up to $550. We'll do a deep dive into the ins and out of Bally Bet well before it launches in New York, and from there you'll be able to decide if their New York free bet and risk-free bet offer is a combo that's worth trying.

Bonus/Promo Code Types

New York sportsbook promotions and bonus codes may have terminology that can be a little confusing. Since so many of these offers only apply to new users, you're going to need to know what the similarities and differences are. Here are the basics. Every operator will have its own terms and conditions around the NY online betting site promotions. Be sure to read the fine print so you know what is expected of you. Having said that, here are the basics.

  • Risk-Free Bets

    A New York sportsbook risk-free bet is pretty self-explanatory. You're not going to lose your stake, even if the outcome doesn't go your way. It's important to understand that any money laid down in a risk-free bet is almost always going to come back to your bankroll as a bet credit and not cash. Still, an offer like this can be good if you know you'll be betting with a good-sized bankroll out of the gates, because the big limit is likely to only apply to your first one or two wagers.

  • Deposit Bonuses

    Another popular sportsbook promo code in NY is the Deposit Bonus, which will credit a percentage of the first deposit to your bankroll. Depending on the operator, you can expect to get up to a 100% bonus on a smaller first deposit (it seems to max out around $250), or a smaller deposit bonus on an initial deposit with a much higher cap. A deposit bonus at signup is a great opportunity to make a quick ROI right away with fewer hoops to jump through than some of the other offers.

  • No Deposit Bonus

    What could be better than getting in on the action without even having to lay money down? That's where the No Deposit Bonus comes into play. These can be free-to-enter pools or tournaments or a small one-time credit to encourage you to try their service. You'll want to read the Terms and Conditions to understand what the wagering requirements are, but a New York sportsbook promotion that doesn't even require a deposit is truly a no-lose proposition.

  • Reload Bonuses

    A reload bonus code rewards coming back to an online gambling platform by matching a deposit made after the first deposit. You'll find percentages ranging on a reload bonus based on the size of that subsequent deposit. So if you can find the sweet spot where the operator kicks in the biggest dollar amount against your bankrolling, it can work well for you

  • Odds Boosts

    One of the most common promo opportunities is the odds boost, which does exactly what it sounds like. It's a shift in the lines that will always benefit the player, by increasing a potential payoff. Because most of the operators have at least a couple of daily odds boosts on the most popular games, it's rare to need a promo code to get in on them and the sites and apps try to make them easy to find. Whether you are playing at online betting sites or mobile betting apps, you will find plenty of odds boosts.

  • Referrals

    The more the merrier, right? That's the idea behind NY sports bet referral promos, which you'll commonly see across operators. In short, getting your friends to join you on your favorite sportsbook app can pay off for everyone. If your referral joins up and makes a deposit, you can both be eligible for bonus funds. If you have a big social circle or even a decent-sized office pool, this might be a good way to rack up some free bets in a hurry.

  • Online Casino Promotions

    Some states and provinces regulate online casino games on top of the sports betting action they offer, and if you like to vary your way to play, this can be a fast way to get a lot of free bet credits. It's increasingly common to see operators try to get bettors to boomerang back and forth between the book and exciting casino games - wager cash in one place, rack up free bet credits in the other. Depending on the location and operator, you can even come across new player signup bonus codes that offer up to $1,000 risk-free in the casino and another risk-free $1,000 in the sportsbook.

What Sports Can You Use Betting Bonuses On

Since some of the best sportsbook promo codes apply to your first bet, it's important to consider which betting market you want to use your credits on. Even if you know your favorite sport backward and forwards, take some time to familiarize yourself with the house rules at your chosen operator. An informed gambler is a smart gambler.

  • NFL Bonuses

    If you've gotten this far and somehow weren't aware, football is the biggest betting sport in America, and the second-largest in the world, after soccer. The NFL in particular is responsible for almost half of the sports betting action in the country. If the New York betting promos you're using have a requirement around them, you'll find no trouble making your obligation during football season. Keep an eye out in the Winter time - the operators who can get themselves up and running by February 13 will surely have sportsbook promo codes around Super Bowl LVI competing for your attention.

  • NBA Bonuses

    In 2014, Commissioner Adam Silver was one of the first league heads to come around to the idea that "sports betting should be brought out of the underground". These days, the NBA's on-court action is matched only by the action in the online gambling markets. With a long season and games nearly every night, you don't have to wait until kickoff on Sunday to make something happen with a risk-free bet or your deposit bonus.

  • MLB Bonuses

    With all the major houses offering moneylines, run lines and totals for MLB action, you'll have all kinds of options at your fingertips when it comes to meeting the betting requirements of sportsbook bonus codes, if you can wait that long. For now, most of the operators we've sampled are only offering futures bets around who'll win the it all next October.

  • NHL Bonuses

    Experts might tell you that while hockey may not get the volume of wagers as some of the other major pro sports. But the gamblers who do bet on it find it an experience with an eye toward strategy less seen in higher-scoring sports. The establishment of a team in Las Vegas has only increased the number of gamblers interested in hockey, and though betting the puck line is the easiest way to meet requirements for your sportsbook bonus codes, it's a betting market that lends itself to parlays and live in-game wagers.

  • College Sports

    College sports are also great way to meet requirements set in place by your sportsbook promo codes. College football, basketball and hockey are all broadly popular betting markets across online sports betting operations. The caveat is that the restrictions around wagering on college games are more stringent than the pro. In New York, this means when online sports betting is legal, bettors will be unable to wager on New York-based collegiate teams such as St. John's or Syracuse. Persons involved with any of the teams, school athletic departments and conference officials are barred from wagering on college sports entirely.

How To Use A Promo Code With A Sportsbook

We'll put it the simplest way we can. Read the Terms and Conditions. Understand what you're really signing up for when you sign up for an online sportsbook and enter that promo code.

You can't save yourself from every kind of frustration but you're at least going to know what you're dealing with and what to expect. Sportsbook promo codes are almost always entered when you initially sign up for the service, whether that's through the website or the mobile app.

Why Do Sportsbooks Offer Promo Codes

So why are we even getting these promo codes to begin with? Competition is hot in this industry and it's only getting hotter. The government of New York estimates almost 20,000,000 adults live in the state. That's a whole lot of potential new customers.

Sports betting brands are hungry for those customers. They want you in the door and coming back for more, so they'll dangle all sorts of promotions at you. That's why it's crucial to understand what you're really signing up for.

  • Wagering Requirements

    A wagering requirement, also known as a play-through, is a minimum amount of betting action required to play before you can cash out any of your bonus winnings. Fortunately, the wagering requirements around sports wagers tend to be less onerous than the ones that you're likely to find around casino apps or other types of online betting. A common wagering requirement found is placing a bet of a certain dollar amount to trigger a free bet promo code or meeting a deposit threshold.

  • Minimum Deposit

    You'll find that unless you're strictly dealing with a No Deposit bonus, you're almost always going to need to clear a low bar of entry on your first deposit to trigger any kind of deposit match promo code. In the United States, this tends to be in the neighborhood of $10 for the smallest deposit bonus offered.

  • Minimum Odds

    So your sportsbook bonus code gave you a wagering requirement you need to play through and you see that for some reason they're giving odds on an exhibition game between a rec league hockey team against the Washington Capitals. Problem solved, right? Don't count on it. The best sports betting sites didn't get that way by being. You're going to have to bet on something with some actual risk to get your promo code to qualify. Check your operator before you agree to play, but normally you're looking at -200 or longer odds for your bet to count toward your wagering requirement.

  • Expiration

    When you agree to a promo code, you're agreeing to all the terms and conditions laid out by the house. This probably means expiration dates. Plural. You're only going to have so long to claim a new user bonus before they don't want to call you a new user, so find the one that's going to work for you. Then they want to keep the action moving, and that means betting through your wagering requirement before a particular date. Our advice is as follows: If you're playing through a mobile app, just put the dates in your calendar. You're already holding your phone, right?

  • Cash Out

    Most of the better operators have a cash out feature that will allow you to settle your bets before the final result of the contest, and that's great. But if you've got an open bet tied to a promo code, leave it alone. Operators will be very clear on this point - if you settle your bet before meeting the terms of the bonus are met, you could be looking at losing the bonus as well as anything earned by, for instance, wagering a deposit bonus.

Get Started Online Sports Betting With Promo Codes

So now you have a basic idea of how sportsbook bonus codes work and how to use them. You also know that if you want to maximize your return from your bonus code, that you need to read the fine print before you sign up, and get the lowdown on the wagering requirements.

And we can help you there too, because we've broken down the most popular and common forms of wagers found in online sports betting. Check out our features on betting on moneylines, on point spreads, and parlays to get started.

New York Sportsbook Promo Code FAQ

By entering a New York sportsbook promo code, generally at initial sign-up, you avail yourself to such perks as free bet credits or risk-free bets after meeting terms and conditions.

Promo codes are for the most part only available for new customers, but promos and bonuses are constantly offered to existing players. These can come in the form of odds boosts, reload bonuses and free bets, among other.

It will vary by operator, betting market, and promo code, but common bets like spreads, moneylines and totals are typically available.

This also varies by operator. But if you want to try an online sportsbook and the bonus code doesn't appeal to you, wait a month and try again.

If you think you can meet the terms and conditions of the offer and want to see if the operator fits your play style, that's the code you want to try.

Just once. That's part of why they make you confirm your identity when you sign up. But if you do it right, once is enough. mobile sports betting apps


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