New York Odds Boosts, Enhanced NY Betting Odds

NY online sports betting operators are offering opportunities to take sports enjoyment to a higher level. One way to do that is with odds boosts.

Daily New York Odds Boosts for January 2023

An odds boost promotion is an incentive for sports bettors to get involved at enhanced New York Sportsbooks odds on a particular team or event over the initial lines offered in the market. This allows the potential for more lucrative payouts and more frequent wins. The higher the odds boost, the more value on the side of the punter.


What Are Sports Betting Odds Boosts?

The odds boost is usually a small increase to the original odds available on a particular selection whether it be on the NBA, in MLB, the NFL, or NHL, etc, leading to a good bet. We can see boosted odds on straight bets such as the moneyline, run line, or totals. A good example of an odds boost in a prop bet would be the LA Lakers' LeBron James at enhanced odds of +500 from +400 to net the first field goal vs the New York Knicks.

Most odds boosts will be readily accessible on New York Betting Apps or the desktop site both in the specific game's menu or you can see a full selection in the sidebar menu -simply just click and add the promotion. We will see the boosted price offer in all the major New York online betting operators and anywhere betting has become legal and where the sportsbook takes a deposit online.

How Odds Boosts Work

Most online sportsbooks compete for new action or customers and the daily odds boost is becoming more and more popular. Some of the bigger-name bookmakers might even level off the playing field with the odds boost or better still put the enhanced odds in your favor. What this means is they will make what's called a fair or vigorish free book with all prices, or true odds, adding up to 100% in terms of implied probability. It's then simply a case of who knows best where the value is and trying to turn a profit in winnings. Some betting sites allow you to build up or save odds boosts to use on qualifying sports or betting markets with the click play feature.

We can work out the percentage applied to an odds boost and remove it from the house edge using a simple formula on the longer odds: (Boosted Odds - Original Odds)/ Original Odds = Percentage of Price boost.

For example: If the New York Knicks were up against the Chicago Bulls and priced at +110 with boosted odds to +135 we would subtract 110 from 135 which would be 25. We divide the 25/110 which works out at a boost of 22.7% on the original odds. We would win $135 on a $100 bet instead of $110.

Types of Odds Boosts

Odds boosts are used on a variety of sports to cater to all punters and give added value across the markets. Sport is a huge part of New Yorkers' lives and there are a number of big leagues to wager on to try to secure a profit. The biggest games of the day will usually feature the odds boost promotions and will be highlighted within the online sportsbooks. These games draw in the most attention. We can win profit with first deposit bet odds boosts, an enhanced odds wager, and profit boosts. Multiple bets can also see increased odds.

  • NFL Odds Boosts

    Quarterbacks are hugely popular in the NFL so we might want to draw attention to the likes of Tom Brady when Tampa Bay is in the main slot. People like to bet on the key football men for added interest so we might see an odds boost such as Brady to record 4+ touchdown passes, with odds enhanced from +400 to +475.

  • NBA Odds Boosts

    Sports bettors like action and what's more exciting than a few 3-pointers in the NBA? How about Desmond Bane to secure 4+ 3-pointers for Memphis, enhanced from +230 to +260 for a treat. Operators will sometimes tend to lessen the house edge in order to bring involve recreational players.

  • MLB Odds Boosts

    Didn't we all play baseball when growing up? Remember the idea and excitement of trying to and making a home run? Aaron Judge of the New York Yankees has been on fire in recent seasons. A packed Yankees stadium on game day will whet the appetite for New York sports bettors and we might see some MLB player props at the sportsbooks such as Aaron Judge to hit a home run increased from +350 to +450.

  • NHL Odds Boost

    The NHL enhanced prices for wagers are another example of good bet types to have onside and win. We know that Hockey is one of the most action-packed sports and the NHL is huge especially in Canada. Of the different types of daily odds boost wagers available there could be something like a same game parlay on the Penguins to score first and win the game boosted from +180 to +210. That's an increase in value of 16.6% to the punter on the bet slip.

  • Other Odds Boosts

    The dream of the sports bettor is to source an advantage and win in the long run and what better way to do that than enjoy watching your sport in the process knowing you are getting close to the true odds on your wager. You can find odds boosts for singles and even in multiples bets. Some boosted offers will include an extra percentage payout on a team parlay such as Manchester United, Liverpool, and Chelsea all to win in a pivotal English Premier League match week.

Top Online Sportsbooks Offering Boosted Odds

Many sportsbooks will offer boosted odds but we help you find the one with the best-boosted odds and the most frequent offers to increase winnings and payouts for customers. We have you covered with ongoing updates on all the latest and best odds boosts and betting offers.

BetMGM Odds Boosts

At the New York BetMGM Sportsbook you can increase the odds of a bet with the increased odds and potential increased winnings shown in the bet slip. You can use the odds boost when you accrue them or save it for another time. You can use an odds boost at BetMGM on a single bet or a parlay bet both pre-game and there are live betting options to wager with the boost. There are some negatives with BetMGM boosts such as the availability - eg, certain boosts may only be available on desktop and not on the app.


Caesars Odds Boosts

Caesars Sportsbook New York offers a number of different daily odds boosts across a variety of sports. The main US sports are all covered but some more European-friendly sports such as golf or boxing also feature strongly. We see various enhanced odds on futures betting as well as alternative advantage wagers. Super boosts and profit boosts are thrown into the mix at Caesars who allow punters to place a decent size bet on the odds boost as an added bonus for a nice payout.

DraftKings Odds Boosts

DraftKings New York Sportsbook offers a number of odds boosts daily on all the top sports and biggest matches. DraftKings also offer for a limited time an odds boost bet on a new account signup deposit where you can bet just $1 to win $100. Talk about wagering opportunities! We see regular 20% profit boosts on the NFL and boosted props with potential in-game wagers.

BetRivers Odds Boosts

At BetRivers New York Sportsbook, odds boosts are promoted as “House Specials.” You get two types, “games of the week” which apply to a single match, and “profit boosts.” The profit boosts offer odds boosts on a much wider range of games. E.g. on Mondays, the profit boost gives you an extra 20% on winning basketball bets. On Tuesday you get an extra 20% on NHL games. A minor irritation is that BetRivers NY doesn’t tell you what the odds are before the boost on individual games. If you want to know how much benefit is on offer you need to pull up another sportsbook and check the odds yourself.

FanDuel Odds Boosts

The FanDuel New York Sportsbook doesn't like to be too far behind DraftKings when it comes to a bet so expect promotions to be ongoing for bettors from market to market. You'll easily find the odds boost through the 'popular' tab in the menu where daily increased odds offers will include the likes of Basketball, NHL, and soccer in the MLS. The odds boost at FanDuel can include specials such as 30x increased odds as a 'Thanksgiving special' on the NFL where you can bet $5 on any team to win on the moneyline and win $150 cash.

PointsBet Odds Boosts

New York PointsBet Sportsbook is one of the biggest online sportsbooks at the moment and their odds boost selection on site is diverse. PointsBet is big on the no vigorish 100% line on the bet slip, especially on the point spread markets, which is great news for your sportsbook bets. It's a win-win situation long-term for both the betting operator and the punter. Daily boosts and promos are advertised with chat bubbles on site so they are hard to miss and include boosts on same-game parlays.

WynnBET Odds Boosts

WynnBET New York Sportsbook offers something a little different in the form of a 'Spin wheel' promotion or targeted campaigns and parlays. Boosts can range from 5% to 100%. There is a minimum odds requirement in the T&Cs of +100 unless stated on the odds boost card. We usually see a 10-day expiry on the odds boost.

Odds Boosts and Prop Bets

Prop bets are becoming increasingly popular in the US betting landscape, especially in sports such as Hockey and Basketball. With that comes opportunity. We can refer back to the LeBron James example from earlier in the NBA: We might see an odds boost offered on a same-game parlay prop bet for James such as 3 pointers scored combined with his total points. A nice bit of added interest on the night.

Get a Sports Betting Odds Boost & Other Sportsbook Promotions

The odds boost sportsbook promo idea in whatever format offered is brilliant for both parties. The operator benefits from more customer acquisition and action over time, while the various promotions and longer odds offered on a selection of markets make it more of a level playing ground for bettors and gives us more incentive to get involved, especially if your favorite team is playing. Start as you mean to go on and put the odds in your favor.

Profit boosts help us to build a bankroll from initial deposit and get ahead in the game. We highlight the best New York sportsbook promo codes and risk-free bets to help you get the most out of sportsbooks. We help educate bettors in this respect along with our betting guides and educational content on bet types such as money lines, parlays, points spreads, props, and various obscure markets, as well as strategy and staking advice.

Odds Boosts New York FAQ


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