Best NHL Betting Sites New York 2023

NHL betting fans have a lot of adrenaline-filled games coming down the stretch, as the Devils and Rangers are in great position to make the Stanley Cup playoffs as divisional top 3, and the Islanders and Sabres are strong contenders for Wild Card spots.

Top NHL Online Betting Sites In NY

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BetMGM Sport
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Visit for T&Cs. Must be 21+ and physically present in NY only. New Customer Offer. All promotions are subject to qualification and eligibility requirements. Rewards issued as non-withdrawable bonus bets. Bonus bets expire in 7 days from issuance. Please gamble responsibly. Gambling Problem? Call (877-8-HOPENY) or text HOPENY (467369).
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Odds Boosts
In-Play Betting
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Same Game Parlay
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In-Play Betting
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Sport Live Streaming
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In-Play Betting
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With all the growth and development that NHL betting has seen and with online sportsbooks in NY now live in 2022, it's important to take a look at some of the sportsbooks on the market and what they have to offer.

With several different sportsbook options that allow for betting on the NHL, there are some important things to look at, such as which sites offer the best NHL betting odds, the best user experience and interface, and how can you potentially get started as a new user. Here we'll take a look at some of the top betting sites coming to New York State to discuss what each sportsbook is best known for and can provide each user, to help find the best NHL betting sites for each individual.

Several sportsbooks provide some of the best experiences out there tailored to NHL betting fans. With all the great options, it's important to consider what each sportsbook has to offer the user, and this can include top-notch bonuses and rewards, free bets, a great user experience, competitive lines and odds and New York odds boosts.

Here we'll take a look at seven sportsbooks that service NHL bettors and discuss what each provides. The seven we'll break down are BetMGM, FanDuel, WynnBET, BetRivers and Caesars Sportsbook.

Best NHL Betting Site – New Bettors

Maintaining a sponsored relationship with many of the top American sports leagues around the country has given BetMGM Sportsbook NY a leg up over their competitors. 

Specifically, their relationship with the NHL and legal online sports betting has allowed BetMGM to provide some of the most exciting NHL betting types, promotions, and odds possible. 

For bettors really geared into a particular sport or league, and in this case, the NHL, look no further than the betting experience that BetMGM supplies.

Visit for T&Cs. Must be 21+ and physically present in NY only. New Customer Offer. All promotions are subject to qualification and eligibility requirements. Rewards issued as non-withdrawable bonus bets. Bonus bets expire in 7 days from issuance. Please gamble responsibly. Gambling Problem? Call (877-8-HOPENY) or text HOPENY (467369).

Best NHL Betting Site – Online Sportsbook Experience

One of the more well-known options on the market, FanDuel Sportsbook New York provides an easy-to-use online sportsbook and app that makes placing bets simple and quick, providing an excellent user experience when it comes to NHL betting apps and the best hockey betting sites. 

And with a wide range of games and promotions offered throughout the NHL season, FanDuel has tons of opportunities to bet on the games and players you want while earning big. FanDuel also supplies statistics and matchup data to all its users, ensuring they can place smart bets and research before they place a final wager.

Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply

Best NHL Betting Site – Live Betting

Offering a range of professional and niche sports to gamble on, WynnBET NY Sports Betting provides one of the best sportsbooks on the market for those who want to stay involved even after opening puck drop.

And with a variety of wager types available specifically geared towards NHL bettors, there's a chance for everybody to keep betting on their favorite matchup even if those first bets aren't winners.

Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs Apply.

Best NHL Betting Site – Experienced Bettors

With some of the best customer service options and deposit/withdrawal times in the industry, the BetRivers New York Sportsbook is an excellent selection for experienced bettors who understand sportsbooks and know what they want to do with their money. 

And with an innovative app that's easy and simple, BetRivers Sportsbook gives tons of different ways to bet, on top of lots of compelling promo codes, promotions, and bonuses.


Best NHL Betting Site – Desktop

With easy-to-navigate menus and features, and one of the cleanest desktop designs on the market, Caesars Sports Betting New York makes it simple to take in all the information needed without overwhelming users.

Placing all the emphasis on betting and the bettor, Caesars makes it easy to create parlays or place multiple bets at once across your bet slip.

And with all the account management tools and betting features available on desktop, there's no need to download the Caesars Sportsbook app unless you want to bet on the go.

Best NHL Betting Site – Betting Bonuses

Offering some of the top welcome bonuses and promotion options, BetMGM has elevated themselves to one of the top sportsbooks within the market. With all the great betting promotions and rewards that BetMGM provides, new users should be sure to take advantage should they not already have an account.

Not to mention the variety they offer in NHL odds and bets, and their sleek interface across mobile and desktop, all of which make them a great sportsbook choice.

Visit for T&Cs. Must be 21+ and physically present in NY only. New Customer Offer. All promotions are subject to qualification and eligibility requirements. Rewards issued as non-withdrawable bonus bets. Bonus bets expire in 7 days from issuance. Please gamble responsibly. Gambling Problem? Call (877-8-HOPENY) or text HOPENY (467369).

NHL Betting Sites – How To Pick Online Sportsbooks

When deciding on which legal NHL betting sportsbooks you want to wager with, there are several things to discuss that will help to offer the best possible user experience for every individual.

Specifically for NHL hockey betting sites, the criteria we'll take a look at will include: NHL bonuses and rewards, user interface for hockey betting, deposit and withdrawal methods, customer service options, and live-betting.

While every sportsbook will specialize in one or two of these specific criteria, those that maintain a combination of the five will be the top-tier sportsbooks offering the most value to their users.

NHL Bonuses and Rewards

When deciding which of the best sports betting sites you may sign-up with, it's important to research what kind of bonuses and bet credits they offer, and compare them with other NHL betting sites to select the bonuses that are best for you.

Not only can these bonuses and rewards help to get you started, but they present some excellent chances for users to win big or pick up useful incentives for future bets.

Although new users are frequently provided with these welcome bonuses, regular users have chances to win bonuses and rewards as well, just by betting through a specific online betting site or using their app. While every sportsbook for NHL betting that we recommend will come with some sort of bonus or risk-free bet, providing new and current users with enticing options for betting can help keep a sportsbook competitive within the market.

User Interface for Hockey Betting Apps

Having a simple to use interface which allows for quick bets to be placed and easy navigation to find the sports and bets you want is crucial for sportsbooks nowadays.

Particularly with the demand for mobile sportsbooks on the rise, it's important to find recommended sports betting sites that not only maintain a sleek interface, but can also adapt that into an app for your smartphone.

While design and interface might seem unimportant when considering a sportsbook to select, it can actually make a big difference for new users who are learning or for those more experienced who are trying to rapidly navigate to find the perfect bet.

Deposits and Withdrawals for Online Sportsbooks

Most betting sites will provide you with several different options to fund your account which is needed before you can begin placing place bets.

This could potentially be a credit or debit card, an online banking account, wire transfers, or even payment systems like Apple Pay and PayPal.

Sportsbooks that offer a variety of ways to fund accounts let the users decide how they want to deposit and withdraw their money, and the more options provided the more likely there is to be one available that each consumer can use.

When deciding which NHL betting sites you want to wager your money with, make sure they provide deposit and withdrawal methods that fit your needs so you can start making some bets.

Customer Support

Customer Support might seem like an afterthought when selecting a sportsbook, but with all the problems that could potentially arise, sportsbooks that offer more options for help will provide a better user experience than those that offer minimal support.

Almost all NHL betting sites will provide some form of customer support, but it's the sportsbooks that go above and beyond offering things such as live tech support or email options that rank higher than just your average betting sites.

Live Betting Options

Live-betting is betting that sportsbooks provide after the opening puck drop to keep bettors engaged, allowing users to further bet on games that have already begun or join back in even after initial bets weren't necessarily winners. Sportsbooks that offer a range of live-betting options provide a great user experience, allowing you to continue betting despite a matchup already being underway. This means you can bet in real-time based on what you see happening. If you're watching an NHL game, and you think there are great odds that Matt Barzal is on his way to a hat trick against Carolina, you can bet on it right away. There are lots of opportunities like this during NHL hockey games.

Types of NHL Bets Available in New York

There are several different ways that players can bet on NHL hockey odds in New York. Here is a list of the most common hockey bets:

  • Point Spread or Puck Line Bet

    Point Spread betting is when the user places a bet on the puck line, or the margin of victory with the 'spread' being set by the oddsmakers to indicate how many points the better team is favored by. If you bet the favorite to cover the puck line or spread, they must win by that many goals or more, but if you selected the underdog team and they lose within that puck line, or even win the game, your bet would be successful. While the odds on the spread won't be as good as the moneyline odds, it gives underdog teams a chance to prevail and keeps the bets more competitive.

  • Moneyline

    Moneyline wagers in New York are bets placed on who you think will win a particular matchup with a handicap decided by the sportsbook which determines how much is paid out if a team wins that matchup. For example, if the New York Islanders faced the Pittsburgh Penguins and the moneyline was set at NYI +175, which implies they are the underdog, a $20 bet would win you $35 for a total payout of $55 if the Islanders pulled out a win.

  • Goal Total

    Totals betting is when the sportsbook sets a line for the total goals to be scored in a game by both sides, giving bettors an opportunity to gamble on if they think the total final score will be over or under that line. In hockey, this line is usually set between 5.5 or 6.5 goals depending on the matchup. For example, if the Toronto Maple Leafs played the New York Rangers and the over/under total was set at 5.5, a combined score of six goals or more would mean those who bet the over won out.

  • 60-Minute Line

    A 60-minute line is similar to a moneyline bet in that you can pick a winner or a loser, but this time the bet only lasts the length of three periods meaning there is also the options to bet on a tie. If the Islanders take on Rangers, bettors will have the option to bet on an Islanders win, a Rangers win, or a tie at the conclusion of 60-minute regulation.

  • Prop Bets

    A prop bet is a bet which isn't directly tied to the outcome of a game like the final score is. This can be goals scored, player points, goalie saves, or potentially a number of different events throughout a game but nothing that would include a final score like a moneyline or point/goal total bet.

  • Futures Bets

    NHL futures bets are bets placed on end-of-season events such as who will win the Stanley Cup, MVP awards or others. Often times they're made prior to the season beginning and can provide pretty big payouts to anybody who can guess a winner that far in advance.

  • Parlay Bet

    While making single bets is great, having the chance to combine several bets to get the ideal combination for you to win big can provide lots of entertainment for users. Specifically with parlay bets in New York, you'll have the opportunity to string together multiple bets with the payout being determined by a merger of all the selected bets. This provides the user with a chance to really win big if all their bets hit, but that's the key with parlays, all combined bets must hit.

  • Teasers

    A teaser bet is essentially a form of parlay betting but with the chance to adjust the point spreads and totals in your favor. Consequently, the sportsbooks will adjust your payout based on how many extra points you're getting and how many games you selected. With this being a form of parlay, all pieces are required to hit for you to win out but with the ability to move lines there's a great opportunity for some winners.

  • Betting Lines

    Reading betting lines and understanding which sportsbooks offer the best and most competitive lines for matchups gives users an excellent opportunity to turn a profit when they bet on NHL. For this reason, it's important to maintain multiple accounts across different NHL betting sites, allowing yourself to shop the lines and find the best possible odds for the bets you want.

  • Grand Salami

    Grand Salami betting is a points/goals total bet, but as opposed to just a single game the type of bet will include a whole slate of NHL games. Basically, sportsbooks will set the over/under of total goals scored in all the games during that day, allowing bettors to wager on if they think the total will be over or under.

Visit for T&Cs. Must be 21+ and physically present in NY only. New Customer Offer. All promotions are subject to qualification and eligibility requirements. Rewards issued as non-withdrawable bonus bets. Bonus bets expire in 7 days from issuance. Please gamble responsibly. Gambling Problem? Call (877-8-HOPENY) or text HOPENY (467369).

How to Bet on the NHL Online: A Guide for Sports Bettors

Let's go through the steps on signing up for a sportsbook and getting started with making bets:

Step #1: First you'll have to choose the sportsbook you want to sign up with and create an account with them. This can include providing them with a selected username and password, your email, and any promo codes for NY sports betting you'd like to use when signing up.

Step #2: Once you've set your account information, the sportsbook will go more in-depth to verify your information asking you for things like your full name, date of birth, and even sometimes the last four digits of your social security number.

Step #3: If the sportsbook has trouble verifying your information they will ask you for a second form of identification for their service team to review before verifying your account.After they've verified your info and before you can begin betting, the sportsbook will want to check your location to ensure you can bet legally and could require you to download a location checker to confirm your whereabouts. More often than not, the website or mobile app will have a location checker installed that can track your location while using the app to again ensure you can bet legally from your location.

Step #4: From here you'll need to fund your account, which can be achieved in several different ways including with a debit or credit card, via an online bank account, or even through an e-wallet. Deposits only take a matter of seconds and are what will allow you to successfully place a bet.

Step #5: Once you've deposited money, you'd be good to place bets as soon as online sportsbooks are rolled out in New York. Take this opportunity to look around and explore some different sportsbooks to familiarize yourself with New York hopefully set to unleash online betting in the next few months.

NHL Betting Strategy and Tips

While the sports betting guide we've discussed such as picking the right bets, reading lines and odds, and betting with multiple sportsbooks is key, maintaining a strategy for your betting can provide an advantage that you can apply to every NHL matchup. Going in with a set of guidelines on how you will spend your money and which games are best for wagering on will promote smart betting while ideally helping bettors to turn a profit.

There are several established strategies that any bettor should consider before they place their next wager as these tips are only going to help users manage money while teaching some of the sharpest ways to gamble on hockey and the NHL.

🏒 Value on the Road

Home teams are routinely overvalued in NHL betting odds because of home-ice advantage. Therefore, one of the key betting strategies for the NHL has become to isolate teams that play well on the road and look for good spots to bet on them. According to, during the paused NHL season due to COVID, 20 out of 31 teams had a record of .500 or better on the road. This leaves lots of opportunities for bettors to find overvalued home ice and bet the away team. Clearly, playing at home doesn't tend to provide the advantage that it does in other sports and particularly in the NHL playoffs. Keep an eye on teams that are heating up and continually play well on the road as they'll present some great chances to wager and win big.

📈 Bet the Line on Big Favorites

Hockey betting offers its version of an against the spread bet in the form of a puck line which is always set at -1.5 for the favorites and +1.5 for the underdogs. The only thing changing throughout is the odds you get on either side for a payout. If you see a big favorite that you think is likely to win, the puck line provides a chance to turn a fairly easy profit, although not always at the largest payout.

📆 Strength of Schedule

Over the course of an 82 game season with games often scheduled on consecutive nights, understanding a team's schedule and what players they're up against can provide a big advantage when deciding who to bet on. Teams that play consecutive days should be seen as disadvantaged compared to a rested team and always value current form above overall record.

🥅 Ride with the Hot Goaltender

While nowadays in the NHL most teams will try to carry two goaltenders capable of being on the ice consistently such as the New York Islanders do with Ilya Sorokin and Semyon Varlamov often alternating them based on form. But if either is playing particularly well, it's unlikely that a coach would take that goaltender out of his nightly starting lineup. Thus, if a goaltender gets hot and is playing well, look for their team's moneylines and overs as they have the potential for some exciting value.

Every NHL Team in New York State

Tied with California for the most number of NHL teams, New York currently has three professional hockey teams running from Upstate New York, to NYC, and all the way down to Long Island. All three clubs have seen periods of success winning conference and division championships with Buffalo being the only of the three without a Stanley Cup.

  • Buffalo Sabres

    Founded in 1970 in Buffalo, NY, the Sabres compete in the Eastern Conference's Atlantic Division. Twice advancing to the Stanley Finals, the Sabres have never prevailed, but have been crowned Division Champs on six occasions and Conference Champs on three. Buffalo's last playoff appearance came in 2011, losing in the first round to the Philadelphia Flyers.

  • New York Rangers

    The four-time Stanley Cup Champion New York Rangers currently play at the mecca of New York Sports, Madison Square Garden. One of the first professional hockey teams in the United States, the Rangers are members of the original six teams that founded the NHL in 1926 until its expansion in 1967. Despite missing playoffs for the last four seasons, the Rangers are currently one of the hottest teams in the NHL and sit third in the Metropolitan Division.

  • New York Islanders

    The only team to ever win four Stanley Cups in a row, running from the 1979-80 campaign until the finish of the 1982-1983 season the New York Islanders were founded in 1972. Now in 2022, the Islanders have moved into a brand new stadium in Belmont, NY known as UBS Arena, and were projected as one of the favorites for the 2021-22 Stanley Cup.

When are the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

The NHL playoffs take place at the conclusion of every NHL season and will usually run from early May to the beginning of July. With so many different matchups from first-round division matchups, all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals, it's a very important time in sports betting particularly with the NHL as a whole being such a growing market. With all the hype surrounding the NHL futures, playoffs and Cup Finals, be sure to take advantage of all the sports gambling strategies and coverage that will come out around that time to find some of the best ways to bet on the NHL.

What NHL Teams are in the Stanley Cup Playoffs?

The top three teams from each division make the playoffs each year, plus the next two teams in the Eastern and Western conferences regardless of division. The divisions are Metropolitan, Atlantic, Central and Pacific.

Final Thoughts: Online NHL Betting Sites

With the 2022-23 season in full swing, now is the perfect time to start familiarizing yourself with some of these sportsbooks and decide which options are the best for your personal betting styles. By doing so, you'll be ready to place bets in no time and will even better understand the world of online sports betting in advance.

NY NHL Betting FAQ


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