New York NFL Betting Sites, Strategy And Odds

The NFL is the most gambled-on league in the United States, and just because the season is over does not mean betting on the NFL is on hold. Betting futures for next season and wagers on other sports are out now, with these promos.

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Top NFL Betting Sites

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Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs Apply.
Odds Boosts
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Because the NFL attracts so much gambling volume, NFL betting sites in New York put a ton of emphasis on making sure lines are hyper-efficient and difficult to beat. As NFL betting continues to expand throughout the US, sportsbooks need to up their game in terms of options. This article will focus on the top NFL betting sites in New York and also provide insight on how to tackle the NFL gambling market.

The top NFL betting sites in New York are BetMGM Sports Betting New York, FanDuel, WynnBET, Bet Rivers and Caesars Sportsbook. 

Choosing the Best NFL Betting Site in New York

When choosing which NFL betting sites in New York to use, there are a few things to consider. As a starting point, it is important to shop for the best line available. Lines often differ depending on the sportsbook. So, if a bettor wants to take the Jets +6 on FanDuel Sportsbook New York, they should check to see if any other book has the Jets +6.5. If BetMGM has Jets +6.5, the bet should be placed on BetMGM.

Also, users should take advantage of ongoing promotions or New York Odds Boosts associated with each NFL game. For example, if BetMGM is offering an odds boost on the Bills' moneyline, a user should take that since it will have better odds than the other websites.

What Types of NY NFL Bets Are Allowed?

Sportsbooks offer a wide variety of different bet types for NFL games. There must be a plethora of betting options so casual bettors- along with veterans- can have a fun and memorable betting experience. When choosing which sportsbook to use, bettors should look into the odds, what bets are being offered, and if there are any odds boosts or sports betting promo codes in New York available to take advantage of at the time of wagering.

NFL Betting Odds & Lines

While all NFL betting sites in New York do not offer the same lines, the lines available at each book will be similar to one another. If these lines were not similar, there would be a lot of opportunities for bettors to find arbitrage opportunities, which would not be profitable for the sportsbooks.

When betting on the NFL, it is wise to have accounts with all the sportsbooks that are legal in a state. This is imperative so a bettor can make sure they are taking the best line available on a game. Also, there are odds boosts and promotions that vary from book to book. To stay up to date with promotions and current lines, having accounts on all of the best NFL betting sites in New York is a must.

🏈   Online NFL Betting Bonuses 

Bonuses are major for NFL betting sites in New York, so sportsbooks can diversify themselves. Users get bonuses for taking a lot of action or for just being in the same state as a major event. As you can see listed below, sportsbooks are offering enticing bonuses and risk-free bets/bet credits. 

Football Betting User Interface

When looking at all the best NFL betting sites in NY, the user interface is very important. Having a great user interface makes it easy to navigate betting menus and place action easily and quickly. Sportsbooks have interfaces through Mobile Apps in New York as well as desktop websites. Desktop websites tend to have smoother interfaces that are larger, but mobile betting sites certainly work as well.

Deposits and Withdrawal Options

When ranking sports betting apps, something to consider is the deposit and withdrawal methods and time it takes to occur. The best NFL betting sites in New York allow deposit and withdrawal methods such as online banking, a wide variety of credit cards, and PayPal.

However, not all sportsbooks accept the same credit cards or the same payment methods, so it is imperative to have accounts at various books. Also, some books have a quicker turnaround time than others for withdrawing funds.

Customer Support Availability

All sportsbooks have some form of customer service so users who are having trouble with the app or desktop website can get help. Most sportsbooks have multiple forms of support such as live chat, a customer service email address, or a customer service hotline.

Sportsbooks that have live chat are the easiest to get a hold of customer service representatives and are ranked higher in our reviews of NFL betting sites in New York.

NY NFL Online Sports Betting Apps

While all of the online NFL betting sites in NY offer mobile wagering in the form of betting apps, it is important that these apps consist of an easy-to-use interface for NFL bettors. After taking a look at all the user interfaces for these betting apps, it has been determined that there are a few major points that make apps more appealing.

Great interfaces have all the betting options like prop bets listed directly with the game. Also, the best NFL betting interfaces have events that are listed in an easy-to-find location and has all relevant line such as the spread, totals, and moneylines in New York.

Is Betting on NFL Games Legal in New York?

There are no restrictions when it comes to NFL betting sites in NY. Users in the state of New York can bet on any NFL game.

If Buffalo bettors are going to the Bills game and want to take a same-game parlay, they certainly can. Users can also live bet NFL games while they are ongoing. These offerings are very intriguing for recreational and professional bettors.

How to Bet on the NFL Online in New York

The NFL is the most popular sport to bet on in the US, and as more states legalize gambling, NFL betting volume will continue to increase.

Betting online in New York is simple. All a user needs is a cell phone or a computer. A user can create an account on any sportsbook that is legal NFL betting site in New York, create an account, deposit funds, and begin taking bets in New York. Taking bets online is much more simple than taking bets at a physical location.

Visit for T&Cs. Must be 21+ and physically present in NY only. New Customer Offer. All promotions are subject to qualification and eligibility requirements. Rewards issued as non-withdrawable bonus bets. Bonus bets expire in 7 days from issuance. Please gamble responsibly. Gambling Problem? Call (877-8-HOPENY) or text HOPENY (467369).

Best NY NFL Bets

While there are many ways to bet on the NFL, here are some of the most popular, fun, and profitable ways to engage in the action with NFL betting sites in NY.

  • NFL Moneylines

    A moneyline bet is a bet on a team to win a matchup straight up. There is no addition or subtraction of points involved in a moneyline bet. The odds of moneyline bets are dependent on the spread. So, for example, if the Jets are +6 vs the Bills, their moneyline odds will be positive while the Bills moneyline odds will be negative. This means a bettor needs to risk more money on the Bills to win and less money to win more on the Jets to win. If a bettor likes the Bills to win without subtracting six points, the bettor would bet on the moneyline.

  • NFL Live Betting

    New Yorkers can use NFL betting sites in New York as games are in progress. When it comes to live-betting, there is a betting menu that includes in-game wagers such on against the spread, totals, prop bets, and moneyline bets. If a user is watching the Giants play the Washington Football Team, and the Giants score first, that user can bet the Giants to win the whole game even after the game has begun.

  • Parlays On NY NFL Games

    A parlay bet is a wager that includes two or more events. On NFL betting sites in NY, users can take parlay bets in New York which leads to bigger payouts than straight bets. For example, if a New York sports bettor wants to place a bet on the Jets +6 and the Giants moneyline, a bettor can parlay these two bets together for a larger payout. Parlays do not stop at two events, so a user can combine the Jets, Giants, and Bills all into one bet.

  • NFL Point Spread Bets

    Point spread betting is the most basic way for bettors to place action on a game. Point spread betting subtracts or adds points to a team's total on a game. So, if the Giants are playing the Eagles, it would be listed on NFL betting websites as Giants +7 Eagles -7. In order for a bet on the Giants to win, the Giants need to win outright or lose by less than 6 points. NFL odds on bets against the spread are generally -110, but they can vary by operator.

  • NFL Totals Betting

    Totals betting is a bet on the final score of an NFL game. NFL betting sites in New York set spreads, totals, and moneylines on games. For example, if the Jets are playing the Bills, the total of the game may be set at 42 points. A bettor now has the option to bet that the total final score will be over 42 points or under 42 points. If a bettor bets the over, and the final combined total is 44, that bettor would win.

  • NFL Futures

    Futures are bets offered on NFL betting sites in NY that allow bettors to place a wager on an event that will happen later in the season. The most popular NFL future bet is betting on who will win the Super Bowl either before or during the NFL season. There are other forms of future bets such as props, division winners, conference winners, and more. An example of a future is a bettor taking Daniel Jones to lead the league in turnovers or Zach Wilson to win Offensive Rookie of the Year.

  • Prop Bets on NFL

    Prop bets are bets on players' statistics or events occurring during the game. The lines on prop bets are more inefficient than totals and spread bets, so they are easier to take advantage of. However, there is normally high juice on prop bets. Examples of prop bets are Saquon Barkley to rush for over 50.5 yards or over/under 3.5 total field goals in the Jets vs Dolphins.

NFL Playoffs and Super Bowl

Year after year, the most bet on event in not only the NFL but the entire United States, is the Super Bowl. NFL sportsbooks offer the widest variety of props for this event. These props include basic game and player props, but also fun, unique props like the length of the national anthem, the result of the coin flip, and the color of the Gatorade bath for the winning head coach.

There are also some opportunities for arbitrage betting as well as hedging in the postseason. If earlier in the season, a bettor takes a team to win the Super Bowl at positive odds, and that team makes it to the big game, the bettor can then take the other team to win to lock in a profit.

πŸ“² NY NFL Betting Strategy & Tips

In order to choose the right bets for yourself, there are a few steps to take to stay up to date. For starters, a user should make sure they are looking at reputable NFL gambling websites to stay up to date with odds.

Also, it is imperative to read as many sources as possible to ensure that the information received is on point and corroborated by multiple sources. This could come into play if a certain team has an injury.

🏈 Home Team Vs. Away

In the NFL, teams have an advantage when they are home vs when they are away. The advantage exists for a few reasons. For starters, the home crowd generally gives the players a bigger boost. Secondly, the home crowd makes more noise when the home team is on defense so the opposing offense has a hard time hearing each other. There are other advantages like teams that play their home games in domes now having to play outside in the cold.

However, this is not a tried and true fact of the matter. While there are existing advantages, this is not an angle that exists for every NFL betting matchup.

πŸ“‰ Betting NFL Underdogs and Unders

Betting NFL underdogs is great since a user has to put down less money for a larger payout. However, teams are generally underdogs for a reason. Since there is a larger payout for betting on an underdog, blindly betting every NFL underdog throughout the course of the season is actually a profitable strategy.

When it comes to totals, there are things to consider when deciding to bet over or under. In any game that has intense wind conditions, the under is the safest bet on the board, as long as it is caught before the market adjusts to the weather.

🏈 Bet Smaller NFL Markets

Throughout the course of the NFL season, there are games every Sunday. However, there are special primetime games on Sunday, Monday, and Thursday night. Since these games are standalone, the lines are generally more efficient and tougher to beat.

Since a lot of focus goes on these games, there are games on Sunday that have a lot less betting volume and are more inefficient. Bettors should look to take advantage of games with fewer eyes on them because the more eyes that are on them, the tougher they are to beat.

🏈 NFL Halftime Betting Lines

After the final whistle is blown in the second quarter of NFL games, sportsbooks put up lines for the second half of a game. Since sportsbooks only have a short amount of time to generate a second-half line, these lines are generally inefficient and easier to use.

To win a second-half bet, a team needs to cover the spread for the next two quarters. For example, the 2nd half line of a Jets vs Bills game could be Jets +4. The Jets need to win the second half or lose it by less than three for the bet to win. The Jets could lose the game by 30, but as long as their second half total points are only three less than the Bills, that bet wins.

🏈 NY NFL Live Betting

When an NFL game has begun, it becomes slightly easier to evaluate the matchup, especially if a bettor is watching the game. With that being said, there is an opportunity for bettors to make money utilizing the live betting market.

To use an example, if a bettor loves the Jets to beat the Patriots, but they want better odds than the closing spread, they can wait to see how the first drive plays out to get the number they want.

If the spread was Jets -6, -110 before kickoff, and the Patriots get the opening kick-off and take it to the Jets 40-yard line, the opening live spread may be Jets -5 -110. In that case, the bettor can get a better number than the closing spread.

When Does The NFL Season Start And End

The 2022 NFL regular season began September 8, 2022, and concludes January 8, 2023. Playoff games are tentatively scheduled for January 14-15 and 21-22. Conference championship games are scheduled for January 29, and the Super Bowl will be held February 12, 2023. 

Get Started NFL Betting Sites In New York

With sports betting sites being new to New York, it is important to be educated on the best NFL betting sites. NFL sports betting has been around for ages, and it is exciting that New Yorkers can finally indulge in the fun.

At New York Bets, we want all readers to understand the NFL betting market and we will continue to produce betting guides. Stay tuned for more information on how to place wagers, more details on moneyline bets, parlays, props, and of course, ongoing promotions to take advantage of at the best NFL betting sites. Some sports betting sites in New York that are suitable for new bettors include WynnBET New York Sportsbook and BetRivers New York Sportsbook.

NY NFL Betting FAQ


Eric Pauly has downloaded and used more US betting apps than most people could name, so he is a trusted source when it comes to reviewing which sportsbooks are the best in New York.

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