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New York loves baseball, its legends, and its history. It is the home of the Yankees and the Mets and arguably the best fans in the sport. And Opening Day has launched the 2023 baseball season.

New York's All-Star MLB Betting Sites

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We review the top contenders for MLB betting, the best MLB betting sites, MLB betting odds and more. We'll cover everything from what MLB apps are best for wagering, to baseball betting lines and strategies. Comparing the top MLB betting sites are the best way to find odds in your favor.

The online betting industry is live, now is the time to prepare to hit the ground running. We are here to provide all the information you need to help you pick the best MLB betting apps so your summer is easy, breezy, and profitable.

MLB Betting Apps

We understand users are becoming more and more focused on mobile apps. The operators we rank in our Best New York Betting Apps must have good app response and usability. We study the MLB betting app user interface and explain why that is important when placing a bet easily and quickly.

As we will cover below, New York baseball betting is a volume industry, so you will want to pick a book and an app that suits the need to be useful a lot of the time. Whether it's futures bets, live betting, or other baseball bets, professionals will place bets daily during the baseball season. This means the best online baseball betting sites and apps must be user-friendly, responsive, and have competitive odds. Legal MLB betting apps and sites also need to have a variety of baseball betting options, and a little something extra like prop bets, live MLB betting, futures betting, contests, or unique betting features just in case baseball fans want additional action.

The New York online MLB betting sites we recommend here will have all the basic features you need to bet on baseball games. They will also have a mobile app that is functional and friendly. The selection of the book and app will then be determined by your preferences. This review will also include sports betting terminology, how to navigate within the betting site or app, how the interface feels, and if it has the right administrative features.

Pick The Best MLB Betting Site For New York Sports Bettors

Picking one of the top MLB betting sites for your comfort is going to be determined by a number of factors. Features like how to deposit/withdraw money, site security, customer service and more should be the most important for online MLB betting. How a site looks and feels will be just as critical to the mobile app user or those who want to bet live, in-game action. In this section, we will cover these factors and more to help you make the best decision for your betting Summer.

Types of MLB Bets for Sports Bettors in New York

Every sportsbook and betting app will have your standard odds on the games as well as a number of MLB prop bets and MLB futures. The difference will be how each betting site or app differentiates the unique bets it offers. Adding prop bets or escalators such as points betting makes the book more attractive to potential users.

  • MLB Betting Lines

    What the bettor will be looking for in baseball betting is competitive odds from each online betting site or app. Baseball betting is a volume activity, as we will cover more in depth below. As such, pennies per bet make a big difference down the road. Getting a favorite at +170 vs +165 seems like a small thing; only $.50 on a $10 bet, but extend that over the course of a season and it is a big payoff. Comparing odds for baseball is critical for the player who wants to make money, so having accounts at several books will help the player find the best odds on the games they wish to wager.

  • MLB Odds

    Betting odds on MLB games are twofold; first is the moneyline odds, the second is the run-line odds. The moneyline is the odds for each team to win the game on the diamond. If you want to bet the Yankees vs. the Red Sox and just want to wager the winner, then you bet the moneyline. The run line is a lot like the point spread in other sports, except the spread never changes, only the odds change. In other sports, the spread changes depending on how the betting money is being allocated…or if there are changes in the news. In baseball, the run line spread is always 1.5; +1.5 for the underdog, -1.5 for the favorite. The changes in baseball relate to the odds placed on the favorites and underdogs.

Bonuses, Rewards On MLB Betting Sites

Many sportsbooks offer betting bonuses and promo codes that allow what amounts to a free bet, or free amount to bet. An example is the 2nd Chance Free Bet Up To $100 from BetRivers NY Sportsbook. Having bonuses like these can advantage the baseball bettor because in a volume business like betting on baseball, the more you can take advantage of the generosity of the book, the less your exposure over the long term.

User Interface of Online MLB Betting Sites

The look and “feel” of the baseball betting site or app can make a big difference for the player. The betting site should feel comfortable and fast, suited to the user’s preferences. Want a luxury interface with rich colors and smooth graphics? WynnBET and BetMGM are yours. Like a clean white look? Then FanDuel New York Sportsbook and Caesars are your speed.

Most MLB betting sites have mirrored the online interface to the mobile application. WynnBET simply replicated it, as did Caesars sportsbook New York. Others redesigned the mobile version to make it hands-on friendly as opposed to the desktop. Either way, pick your book with HOW you expect to play in mind.

Finally, if using the desktop interface, remember that the book will install a geographic locator on your computer and these can fail periodically if your system or Internet Service Provider blocks access to the location. It's best to have the mobile app as a fall-back just in case.

Deposits, Withdrawals At Online Betting Sites

Every site we review has at least these three options for depositing and withdrawing funds from a sportsbook: Online Banking, e-Wallet, Credit Card, and Cash (in some form). If one of these is your preferred method, then you will have no issues. If, however, you would rather deposit with an e-check or other method, you will want to check our reviews of the betting websites in New York.

You will also want to check the withdrawal times for each book if getting your money quickly is critical. Lastly, most sites require you to withdraw your money in the same method you deposited.

Customer Support For MLB Betting Sites

When you run into an issue, and you may, the customer service folks are always there to help…well, most of the time. If you are good at finding your own answers then a hefty FAQ section might be good enough, but if you desperately want to get someone on the phone, make sure you select a sportsbook that has a published phone number…not all of them do. Check out our full review of MLB betting apps and New York Betting Sites for details on every book’s customer service options.

Most sites offer at least an email option and an FAQ, the rest offer a combination of phone support, live chat, even mail-in addresses. Make sure to get the one that suits you the best.

How To Bet On Baseball in New York

NFL may be the most wagered sport in America (by money), but the sheer volume of betting opportunities in baseball dwarfs everything else in the world. Online betting and sports book apps have made betting on baseball easier than it has ever been in history. Now, from the palm of your hand, or from the comfort of your couch, you can bet any game anywhere at any time. Don't know how? Most of the betting websites have how to bet in New York sections that you can always check out for reference.

The growth of the online sports betting market is allowing bettors both experienced and brand new to explore the exciting world of wagering, and isn’t a game a little more exciting when there is a little money on the line?

Signing up for online sportsbooks is super easy. Simply download an app or open the website, enter just a few pieces of information and you are off! The registration process takes less than ten minutes; a half-hour if you want to register for a few books. Once you have signed up and made your first deposit, you can start betting right away.

As always, please gamble responsibly. Do not use your daughter’s tuition money you have been saving for a decade…she really would like to go to school. She’s smart enough, and we’re pretty sure people like her too.

Visit for T&Cs. Must be 21+ and physically present in NY only. New Customer Offer. All promotions are subject to qualification and eligibility requirements. Rewards issued as non-withdrawable bonus bets. Bonus bets expire in 7 days from issuance. Please gamble responsibly. Gambling Problem? Call (877-8-HOPENY) or text HOPENY (467369).

Most Popular MLB Bets

While there are a million ways to bet baseball, there are only a few baseball betting odds that are the most popular: Monelines, Totals (total runs scored), the Run Line, First Five, and Futures. The most profitable are the underdogs on the moneyline, but if you can be consistently good, betting the run lines is the way to go.

  • Moneyline Bets

    Moneylines – Think the Toronto Blue Jays or another team is going to win outright? Increase your payout potential by taking the moneyline. The odds for the underdog can turn into a big payout.

  • MLB Live Betting

    Once a game has started, the odds change progressively, new prop bets are available, and many more markets. You can wager on the next batter to get a hit, next home run, total strikeouts, etc.

  • First Five Bets

    The First Five bet is a wager on what team will be winning after the first five innings of the game. If you think the starter will dominate for one team, bet the First Five and you don’t have to worry about that shaky bullpen.

  • Parlay Bets

    Bundle a few picks to create a Parlay bet. Understand though, ALL your selections must be successful for the parlay to pay out.

  • Runline

    An MLB betting line is similar to the point spread in other sports, except the line doesn’t change, the odds are what changes. If you have a line that lists the Yankees as an underdog, it might be listed as such: New York Yankees +1.5; -220. This line would have you betting $220 to win $100 on the game should the Yanks cover. Since the spread (+/- 1.5) is always the same, it is the money line (odds) that you need to keep up to date.

  • Totals

    Baseball totals work the same as any other sport; it is the sum total of runs scored in the game by both teams.

  • Futures Odds

    A futures bet is a wager on events that are in the future; like betting on the Yankees to win the 2023 World Series … or who will be the next Cy Young winner. Most of the best baseball betting sites i.e WynnBET New York have futures odds.

  • Prop Bets

    These include wagers on the total games of the World Series, how many home runs Aaron Judge will hit this week, or other player-specific and game-specific bets.

When Does the MLB Season Start and End?

Major League Baseball has Spring Training in February and March, 162 regular season games beginning March 30, followed by the playoffs. Wild card games are followed by a Divisional Series, League Championship Series and the World Series. The World Series wraps up in late October or early November.

MLB Playoffs And World Series Betting

The biggest action in baseball every year is placed on the playoffs. The best MLB betting sites have already begun setting futures odds for both the League Championships and World Series. In 2021, Houston business mogul Jim McIngvale wagered a whopping $2 million on the Houston Astros to win the World Series. The wager, set on odds of +1000, would have netted McIngvale $22 million had the Astros won.

He came back in 2022 and placed $10 million on Houston to win the World Series. This time it paid off, and his payout was a record $75 million.

Must be 21+ to participate. T&Cs apply

Strategies and Tips for MLB Bettors in NY

Professionals who make money betting MLB do so with an eye to precision, research, and analytics. Betting on baseball is not about DeGrom vs the Cubs, it is more about the weather in Chicago, who the umpire is, what day it is, and where we are in the season. If the Mets are at the tail end of a 12-game road trip with the wind blowing out and Joe West behind the plate…its going to be an interesting ballgame.

1. Manage Your Bankroll When Betting

Managing your bankroll is critical when playing multiple wagers. Professionals will use “betting units” in allocating their bets. A unit is typically 1%-5% of your bankroll, so if you have budgeted $1,000 for gambling, your betting units should be $10-$50 each. Professionals will refer to their wagers as units so that it is easy to compare success between somebody who uses a $30 unit and somebody who uses a $1,000 unit.

When wagering, it is recommended that you stay within your means and not deviate from your betting unit radically. An average of 1-2 units per contest is normal and keeps you within your means when betting online.

2. Avoid Parlays & Teasers when Betting on Baseball

Baseball is a volume sport that is played more than practiced, in the same way, wagering on baseball is also a volume activity. Betting baseball is a “win more than you lose” proposition that simply doesn’t fit with parlays and teasers.

Betting parlays and teasers is a good way to get in over your head as a player. The best strategy, the one professionals employ, is to wager individual contests and pick more winners than losers.

3. Avoid Favorites & Go for the Underdog

Most baseball betting websites set the lines in such a way as to punish the bettor who picks the favorite. The “juice” or the tax the bettor pays on the favorite can benefit the book by 20% of your betting unit. When wagering on baseball, consider taking the big underdog, the advantage can be a big payoff…especially with divisional dogs, who perform better over the long haul.

4. Consider Your Volume When Betting

Major League Baseball is a long season, the longest of any sport in the world. Winning big and making money with baseball is low margin, high frequency. Professional gamblers take wins as they can get them and accumulate percentages of betting units over time.

5. Shop the MLB Betting Lines

Most of the baseball betting sites like New York BetMGM have consensus on the betting lines, but you might be able to find an additional $.05 here or there. You can always check your book’s line against the Vegas Consensus lines available at Vegas Insider. This will give you a good idea if your book is fudging the numbers to get a few extra pennies from you.

6. Know the Weather of the Baseball Game

If the Mets are at Wrigley, check to see if the wind is blowing out to left field. It is critically important to know if rain or wind is forecast. Is it going to be especially hot in St. Louis? That could affect the total. Make sure you know what is happening up North early (and late) in the season, brutally cold weather affects players in negative ways.

7. Study the Stadiums Where the Baseball Game Is Being Played

Would you ever consider taking the under on a game at Coors Field in Colorado? No way, so study up on the venue. Right-handed batters do not hit a lot of home runs at Fenway, especially against pitchers who throw sinkers. The layout of the stadium can make a huge difference. Like Clayton Kershaw throwing in a pitcher-friendly ballpark.

Start Betting on Major League Baseball with a $1,000 Risk-Free Bet

Most of the sportsbooks we review offer betting bonuses and promo codes of at least a $500 or $1,000 risk-free bet credits for first-time players!*

*No MLB game bet is completely risk-free, bets and bonuses paid as site credits and are not redeemable for cash.

Our Final Thoughts: Online Sportsbooks for Baseball Bettors in New York

There are no odds published during the offseason (except futures), so New Yorkers will have to wait a little while to see how things will look, but the online books like WynnBET New York present sports consistently within their apps, so find one that suits you the best. Make sure to check for the most attractive promo codes, bonuses, MLB betting strategies, and props for your taste, and give it a go!

Remember that betting on baseball is a long-term proposal, you will go through dry spells, but heed the advice published here, gamble responsibly, and you will have fun. You might even make some money.


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